Legal Line student lawyer wins… Chief Justice Award

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Legal Line’s volunteer Western University Law Student Irena Djukic wins the Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) 2021 Chief Justice Richard Wagner Award. This award recognizes PBSC’s outstanding student volunteers in each of the 23 law schools.



“I am incredibly grateful for my PBSC volunteer experience with the partner organization, Legal Line. An important step towards advancing access to justice starts with providing accessible legal information to the public. As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the development of public legal education resources. Thank you to both Pro Bono Students Canada and Legal Line for this opportunity!” (Irena Djukic)

Irene graduates with her JD at Western Law in a few months. Project Supervisor Angela Mallon nominated her for the award because of her tremendous effort reviewing and updating various Legal Line areas of law, her passion and dedication to the project, professional attitude, and excellent communication skills.


PBSC held its first ever National Volunteer Appreciation Event on March 26,2021 celebrating the dedication and achievements of PBSC volunteers and community partners.

10,000 law students enrolled in universities across Canada all have access to Legal Line as a learning resource. Those who are interested in Access to Justice have an opportunity to enhance their public legal education skills through Legal Line’s research and plain language training program.

Law students who work at their university walk-in legal clinic use Legal Line as a resource to help the members of their community. They also have Legal Line flyers and guides as a handy tool for distribution through their offices.

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