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Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario (EAPO) is “the provincial organization recognized for its leadership in elder abuse prevention in the province, providing education, training, resource development and information about the increasingly complex issues of elder abuse.”

EAPO provides the Seniors Safety Line, an invaluable resource for seniors facing issues of elder abuse.

Legal Line recognizes the importance of providing the public with valuable information and resources about Elder Abuse, such as EAPO.

Mr. Younger, in his article “Elder Abuse: The Crime of the 21st Century” pointed to the work of the Toronto Police Service, specifically their TPSNews article on Elder Abuse.


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Legal Line would like to thank Mr. Younger as he was instrumental in the research and writing process of the article (see below).

Elder Abuse: The Crime of the 21st Century

Elder abuse is on the rise, on a global scale, for a number of reasons.

First, many seniors are dependent on adult children and/or paid caregivers for a variety of daily living activities such as personal care, including hygiene, financial management assistance, and social interaction in order to have some semblance and recollection of many of the interactions that they may have enjoyed, with loved ones, at an earlier age.

As a result of this dependence, coupled with the real risk of social isolation at the hands of those who, unfortunately, prey upon our most vulnerable citizens, these individuals may use coercive control tactics as a way to instill fear and demand compliance with their victims.

To this end, we must vigorously and courageously address this increasingly disturbing trend, by being aware of the “red flags” posted on multiple police websites and community resources across Canada.

In addition, we must be extremely vocal in our defence of this highly vulnerable population, as either very concerned family members, friends and/or neighbours, who may either be witnessing blatant elder abuse in our communities and/or long-term care facilities.

As our aging population increasingly depends upon us to be their eyes, ears and voice against potential predators in our midst, we must ensure that we collectively take action, on their behalf, so that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes are brought to justice before the courts, in order for law enforcement to stage an effective intervention strategy as a way to protect our aging parents, grandparents, friends and neighbours across Canada and beyond.

Enough is enough! Our elderly citizens deserve our respect and protection from those who wish to inflict harm, on multiple fronts, against them, causing much strife and turmoil in the lives of these vulnerable seniors, as well as their family members who are trying their very best to change Canadian Law in this critical area, for the greater good of humanity.


Toronto Police Service



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