The Supreme Court of Canada / Flip Your Wig For Justice

The Law Society of Ontario (formerly the Law Society of Upper Canada) hosted the 2017 Flip Your Wig for Justice Supreme Court of Canada awareness campaign and fundraising event.

Legal Line takes great pride in our shared mandate to bolster Access to justice initiatives, and as such The Law Society has linked their website to Legal Line with confidence since 2008.


The Supreme Court of Canada’s Justice Thomas Cromwell and Legal Line’s Antree Demakos share thoughts about how access to justice can be increased greatly through more cooperative initiatives between justice partners.



Legal Line flyers have been displayed and available at The Supreme Court of Canada since the year 1999, and soon thereafter, we received a very supportive and congratulatory letter requesting an additional 1,000 legal Line guides.

In 2016, Legal Line is invited to The Supreme Court of Canada talk on Access to Justice at The Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

In 2017, the prestigious LEXPERT award for ‘Celebrating Women in Law’ was presented to Ms Antree Demakos, Chief Information Officer for Legal Line, and the Keynote Speaker was The Honourable Justice Rosalie Silberman Abella (bottom right corner).

Supreme Court




I received the Legal Line brochure in the mail with LPIC practice pro material. To say that your brochure contained a plethora of useful material would be an understatement. I have been practicing litigation for 12 years, and I sit twice a month as a Supreme Court of Canada judge. Congratulations on providing a much needed service, and for doing it so well.

Judge Jonathan Pitblado, LL.B.
Supreme Court of Canada

Legal Line flyers are on display at the Registry of the Supreme Court of Canada and made available to members of the public. Your service is a great initiative for the community.

Nadia Loreti
Acting Director, Registry Branch
The Supreme Court of Canada



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