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Google values Legal Line ‘organic hits’ at $4.2 Million Dollars a year, as at June 2017


Ian D. Levine, Director of Business Development with Chief Information Officer, Antree C. Demakos, J.D.




Waqas Khokhar, Senior Digital Strategist
Business Development, Marketing Solutions
Google Canada


The power of being ranked high in SEO and appearing top 3 in google searches is that if Legal Line had to pay for the free hits we already get ‘organically’, Google quoted us a staggering $350,000 a month ($4.2 million dollars year)

Not only do we get our hits for free, but in recognition for providing a valuable public service, Google has been giving us a free $10,000 per month ($120,000/year) ‘Adwords’ grant every year since 2015.

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Google also gifted us a free laptop in June 2017 just for showing up to a meeting and sharing our ideas about how Legal Line attracts millions of Users.

Without ever paying for Google ‘Adwords’, we rely solely on referrals from and our 3 million flyers and 1 million guides which are distributed to the Canadian public through our 8,000 community and government channel partners, we received 8.3 million page views in 2017.

We love GOOGLE.


Antree Demakos has won 4 of Canada’s Top Awards for Access to Justice.


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