$4.2 Million in free ‘Organic’ Hits in 2019; top Google ranking in 2020/21; a free laptop, and $10,000/mth ‘Adwords’ grant every year since 2015.

June/2019 invitation to Google head Office.
Ian D. Levine, Director of Business Development with Chief Information Officer, Antree C. Demakos, J.D.

Google representatives were so impressed with our high ranking, high search placement, and millions of ‘visitors’ that they couriered us a free laptop and invited us to their head office to congratulate us.

As it turns out, if Legal Line had to pay for the organic hits we currently receive for free, Google quoted us a staggering $350,000 a month ($4.2 million dollars year).

The power of being ranked highly by Google is that Legal Line appears ‘organically’ in multiple top spots of Google searches (either directly or indirectly through one of our 8,000 partners who hotlink to us), without us having to pay any money.


2021 Monthly Hits Average, as per GOOGLE:
11.2 million Legal Line logo impressions are seen every month on the web and an average of 257,000 unique Users/month click on it and then each read an average of 4 legal answers = 1,028,000 answers / month.

2020 Totals:
11.3 million Legal Line answers were read.
130.8 million impressions of the Legal Line logo were seen on the web.

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Why is Legal Line ranked so highly by Google?

There are many reasons, and it is impossible for anyone to know all of them with certainty (as Google does not give out this information); However, some of the obvious reasons include:

  • Length of time URL and website active – 25 years
  • Volume of users directly entering our URL
  • Volume of information
  • Quality of information
  • Type of information
  • Fact that the information is free
  • Daily updates to the website and information
  • Volume and categorization of government and professional sites which link to us
  • Volume and categorization of websites we link (2,000)
  • Widespread geographic areas from which our Users come
  • Awards from legitimate sources
  • 8,000 Testimonials from legitimate government and professional sources

Google Grant and Free Laptop

Not only do we get our hits for free, but in recognition for providing a valuable public service, Google couriered us a free laptop in 2018, and has been giving us a $10,000 per month ($120,000/year) ‘Adwords’ grant every year since 2015.


We received 10.3 million page views in 2019, and on target to reach 13 million in 2019.


Antree Demakos has won 4 Top Awards for Access to Justice in Canada.




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