NDP Distributes Legal Line at last Provincial Convention

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canadian NDP Party

Allison Brown, an NDP Candidate who ran for office during the most recent Provincial and Federal elections; with Legal Line advocate Adrian Younger.


Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canadian NDP Party attended Nikki Clarke’s powerful rally last year in Brampton. Nikki was the NDP MP candidate for Mississauga-Malton riding.

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Above: Jagmeet Singh, Marian MacDonald, Nikki Clarke, and volunteer student.

Here at Jagmeet Singh’s powerful rally last year in Brampton,  his hopeful, optimistic, and inclusive message captivated the imagination of all Canadians, from coast to coast to coast.

Nikki Clarke’s campaign team of volunteers affectionately called this wave of support for the NDP, under the leadership and vision of Jagmeet Singh, “Orange Crush 2.0”,  for the millennial generation in particular.



Above: Mr. Ade Akinsanya, YOUNGER Younger, and Jagmeet Singh





Adrian Younger has been a Legal Line devotee and supporter – passionately advocating and promoting Legal Line – for over 25 years!



Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the Canadian NDP Party at Provincial Convention showing Legalline.ca love!

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