Law Society Award Night Arrives….


It was an incredible night for Legal Line as our Founder and award recipient Antree Demakos wins The Law Society 2018 J. Shirley Denison Award for her outstanding achievement to Access to Justice.

Here are some highlights from the big event which took place May 23rd at The Law Society of Ontario, Osgoode Hall.




Treasurer Paul Schabas of The Law Society of Ontario watches with admiration as Antree Demakos gives her acceptance speech for her role as Founder and Chief Information Officer for Legal Line, which is responsible for helping 3 million Canadians a year with Free Legal Help.

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Award night coincided perfectly with our 25th anniversary since The Law Society of Upper Canada helped launch Legal Line.

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Andreas and Ian Levine – a very proud moment





Antree with Gerrold Goldlist, a partner at Davies Law Firm, Roslyn Goldlist who can make it all happen, and The Honorable Justice Marvin Zuker… who have each been strong supporters of Legal Line for over 20 years.


Award winning Trusts and Estates lawyer Peggy Rintoul – Antree’s true friend and inspiration since day 1



Antree with her two biggest supporters and fellow Legal Line crusaders, Angela Mallon and Ian Levine

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There’s nothing better than the love and respect of a wonderful son, well deserved by an adoring mom.


Cam Turnbull, our very patient and brilliant website developer for over 15 years.

Our very own devoted and caring Angela Mallon who makes everything in our office happen smoothly.

A very special Raquel Lansiquot who supports us all with her kind and loving heart.

Marissa Cutter who has been an important part of Legal Line for 15 years, with Kingsley, her budding young superstar.


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