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Government and Agency Partner Testimonials

I was just reading about Legal Line which I had not (sorry) been aware of before. I am glad to be better informed now, because we can share and promote your page at the National Self-Represented Litigants Project.

If you would like to talk some time to discuss possible collaborations, I am very open to that. Your work is awesome.

Dr Julie Macfarlane
Distinguished University Professor and Professor of Law
University of Windsor

Named one of Canada’s 25 Most Influential Lawyers

Regularly refer to the website when in the preliminary research stage… My practice has a focus on education law and related issues. I would like to explore the opportunity to contribute to this site to fill its content on this area of law, while also providing access to contact information for readers.

Alex Battick
Battick Consulting

Good job. I will link my website to Legal Line so my clients my benefit.

Daniel Larijani
Rhyton Law Professional Corporation

I have been using legal line for years, but learned more about it through a CPD sponsored by the OPA. I provide many pro-bono and sliding scale services through Justice Net. I am the only Licensed Paralegal in the Downtown Kitchener Churches Ministry I also provide my services to Waterloo Regional Enhanced Bail Services for one worker at a low to no rate. All these organizations would benefit from your materials as they are non profit, and personally you are a great starting resource.

Peggy Frost
Frost Paralegal Services

I learned about Legal Line through Younger Younger. I will distribute your flyers and guides through my law practice. Legal Line provides a useful resource for my organization and clients.

Vivene Younger, Hons. (BA), LL.B, LLM
Barrister & Solicitor
MariKal Law

Legal Line information was enclosed with the 2019 edition of British Columbia Legal Telephone Directory. We will place your Flyers in our waiting area. Legal Line will provide valuable contact information for our organization and our clients.

Sari Vandegraaf, Office Manager
Craig Nixon Law Corporation

I learned about Legal Line via Google In our office and at customers locations The wide range of topics Legal Line covers, specific information based on Province is excellent. We work with a lot of self represented clients who really value this information. We are always referring them to your website and it would be great to have some printed materials we can give them.

Richard Atkins
President & Founder
Legal Serve inc.

We are a full service law firm in downtown Hamilton. We frequently have individuals who walk-in requiring legal services but do not have the financial means to pay for same. This material would allow us to provide them with some help.

Roxane Lamadeleine, Student-at-Law
Pelech, Otto, Powell Ketsetzis

We originally received pamphlets from another of our field offices. Although the primary role of this office is to offer legal advice to the Commander and his senior officers, we receive numerous requests from all members of the Canadian Forces on a variety of issues. These requests generally deal with requests for lawyer referral; Ombudsman’s number; debt and bankruptcy; family law; criminal law, etc. Please forward 500 free Legal Line.

Linda Letang
Administrative Assistant
Deputy Judge Advocate’s Office

The Attorney General’s website sent me to Legal Line. I was happy to easily connect with you and translate your flyer into Turkish and see it uploaded to your website within one week… (you are fast). I am an internationally trained Lawyer and a native Turkish speaker who just moved to Canada last year; waiting for the accreditation process to complete so that i may practice law in Canada.

S. Pelin G. Keles
Interpreter – Attorney at Law
Ministry of Attorney General / Lawyer in Turkey

Received materials delivered to my office. (would like more). I will display them in the reception area which has a high volume of clients as there are approx 30 lawyers at this address.. Any materials that are easy to understand for non-lawyers is always a positive experience.

Paul Chadwick, Lawyer
Chadwick Law

I am a lawyer practising in Kelowna, BC and I have found your text on Criminal Records invaluable. I am hopeful that you are able to help me answer a question for a matter I am speaking to tomorrow.

I have a youth client against whom the Crown wishes to impose a Peace Bond under s. 810 of the Criminal Code. The YCJA seems to be silent on the ultimate removal of an expired 810 bond. I am wondering what the mechanism is for purging a youth record of an 810 peace bond. There is some talk here that there might be difficulty expunging such an entry from a youth record. Any help you might provide is greatly appreciated.

I appreciate that you are busy and I thank you in advance for your time.

Gavin Jones
JONES & COMPANY Law Office, Kelowna BC

I’ve reviewed all of your Legal Line materials and I have given them to each of my 3 grandchildren, all practicing law in Toronto.



Mel Lastman, Mayor, Emeritus
Mayor of North York, Ontario, 1973-1997 / Toronto 1997-2003

Excellent resource. We will help Legal Line users with Personal Injury, Car Accident Injury, Slip and Fall Injury, Brain Injury, Motor Vehicle Injury, Dog Bite, etc.

Vic Singh, Lawyer
Singh Barristers, Law Firm

Upon searching for reliable secondary sources on Internet, I came across Legal Line … a great deal of relevant legal information which as a paralegal I need to be familiar with, become more helpful to clients and the firm I currently working for.

Jafari Songolo Ramazani
Paralegal, Eastern College

The lawyers in our office are advisors to the Crown Attorney. With our office located in a Canadian Forces Defence establishment, we have many military members dropping in with questions of a personal nature. As our lawyers are not allowed to assist these individuals, I provide them with a copy of your guide.

Kathy Gautreau
Office of the Judge Advocate General (JAG)

I would like to participate as a lawyer in answering some legal questions. Please contact me.

Guy Hunter
Barrister & Solicitor

I am an immigration lawyer, happy to assist Legal Line people to immigrate into Canada. I found you in a Google search.

Jagmohan Singh Nanda,
Immmigration Lawyer
Nanda & Associate Lawyers

I am an experienced trial counsel with expertise in personal injury law, civil and commercial litigation, employment law, disability and family matters. I am committed to the goals of access to justice and offer free consultations.

Alan C. Preyra, Lawyer
Bergmanis Preyra LLP

I learned about legal line through my own personal research on how to become more involved with community work and providing access to justice. Given how much information I see LegalLine provides, I believe that LegalLine will tremendously help my clients by providing them navigable, easy to read material that explains their most common questions. I this this is particularly accurate for the materials intended for my Indigenous clients. I plan to provide your material in person upon the completion of consults as well as on my website as free available legal resources.

Sabrina Molinari, Lawyer
Ember Law

Thank you for filling my request for more Legal Line brochures. I find them quite handy and they are prominently displayed in my reception area. I similarly send them out in my real estate reporting letters on client sales, as well as wills and estates. When I am asked for background information on estates, wills and powers of attorney, I refer my clients to the Legal line website by providing the Legal Line brochure. Earlier this year, I sent a promotional letter to real estate agents and mortgage agents about my services and I included a Legal Line brochure.

I have made further use by giving clients the brochure to make them aware of basic legal facts on a subject rather than an office interview, particularly if it is in an area I don’t deal with regularly. If permissible, I will link to Legal Line.

George W. Taylor, Q.C.
Barrister & Solicitor

Would like 25 flyers and guides. Would be able to distribute material to clients and prospective clients. Clients would be more informed and get basic answers from your materials, ask better questions.

Stephen M. Lebow, Barrister & Solicitor

We work out of the Quinte Courthouse in the FLIC office where we offer resource material as well as house the MIP (mandatory information program) where we provide information through presentations and resource material. We receive other material through Legal Line.

Lorena Thompson
Information & Referral Coordinator
Vicky Visca & Associates Mediation Services

I heard about Legal Line when I made a list of community resources and referrals for ineligible clients when I was working as the Triage Coordinator for Pro Bono Ontario’s walk-in legal assistance clinic at the Ottawa Courthouse. I can assist with the following types of matters:

Small Claims Court / Landlord and Tenant Board / Financial Services Commission of Ontario / Safety, Licensing Appeals and Standards Tribunals Ontario / Workplace Safety and Insurance Board / Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal / Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario / Social Benefits Tribunal / Assessment Review Board / Ontario Municipal Board / Ontario Labour Relations Board

Mariejoze Page Schryburt
Licensed Paralegal, Owner
Schryburt Legal Services

Please send 100 copies of your Legal Line pamphlets for use in our law firm’s waiting room.

William Mathers, Lawyer
Barristers & Solicitors
William E. Mathers & Associates

Please provide our law firm with additional copies of the Legal Line guides. Thank you for your assistance herein.

Maria G. Mendes, Lawyer
Foster, Townsend, Graham & Associates

Your service is a great benefit to our clients. Please mail us a maximum supply of guides as we would like to make referrals to your service.

Michael Foster, Staff Lawyer
Community Legal Services of Niagara South
Ontario Lawyers Assistance Program (OLAP)

I have served 2 terms as Chair of the Canadian Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Section… I am a former Chair of the Ontario Bar Association (OBA) ADR Section, and a member of OBA Council. Currently I am an Executive Board Member of the ADR Institute of Ontario, and I am proud to be volunteering as a reviewing lawyer for Legal Line.

I have also taught the Skills and Professional Responsibility Program as well as Interviewing Skills and Negotiation for the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC), Bar Admission Course and have taught and sat on the Examination Committee for Corporate Law.

I have served as an adjunct member of the teaching team for the Lawyer as Negotiator course at Osgoode Hall Law School, and have coached many mediation and negotiation students while supervising law school students participating in the Small Claims Court Mediation Program.

Anne Gottlieb, Hons. B.A., LL.B., LL. M. (Harvard Law School)
Business / Commercial, Construction and Real Estate Lawyer
ADR Institute of Ontario

Legal Line is very good. I am glad you are doing it.

Clayton (Clay) C. Ruby, LL.B. / Member of the “Order of Canada”
Ruby & Edwardh, Barristers & Solicitors

As a lawyer at the Ottawa Legal Information Centre, we often use your online resources and refer people to them. Legal Line resources provide easy to understand information to individuals. I will make sure that the flyers are on display in the waiting rooms and make them available to our staff lawyers.

Yannick Michaud
Assistant Executive Director
Ottawa Legal Info Centre

I am currently a Articling Student at JSM Law and was researching ways I can build my clientele and gain more clients for experience with my firm. I work under a respected lawyer and team that has all their clients best interest at heart. Our firm specializes in Civil Litigation, Corporate, Personal Injury, Real Estate, Contracts, Wills, Divorce and Criminal matters. Our policy is to work hard and strive for the absolute best outcome.

I have been researching online your referral service and was interested in how you guys conducted your business. My inquiries are, how can we become one of the firms you refer to your clientele?

Monique Natasha Sylvester
Articling Student

I practice from our Lang Michener Ottawa Office and I am proud have been a reviewing lawyer for Legal Line since the spring of 2001 as I announced in our Firm newsletter “In Brief”

As the author of the Carswell text entitled ‘Ontario and Federal Arbitration Acts’, in the area of arbitration and mediation.

Norm Fera, LL.B.
Lang Mitchener Law firm

This is a very important project to enhance ‘Access to Justice’, and also demonstrate the continuing contributory role of lawyers in our society.

Larry Banack, LL.B.
Arbitration & Mediation Lawyer
Koskie Minsky Law Firm

I learned about Legal Line from an online legal aid search in need of convenient and reliable legal assistance. I will distribute these flyers and guides to the members of my pre-law association. Legal Line is a revolutionary resource that has a tremendous impact on the lives of so many people in need of free and quick legal assistance. These flyers and guides will provide individuals with a point of contact and reference for whatever legal issues they may be facing.

Also, these resources may also be used as educational tools for aspiring lawyers to become better-versed in Canadian and provincial laws to strengthen their knowledge and prepare them for a future in law. Legal questions constantly arise, so having this quick and easy-to-use resource is invaluable for those in need.

Aidan Nicholson
President, LSAT Preparation Team
Brock University Pre-Law Association

I am corporate/commercial lawyer, called to the bar in 2003. I practise in the following areas: corporate, commercial, contracts (generally, purchase and supply) leasing, privacy, marketing, intellectual property, privacy, government procurement, consumer law, energy and corporate finance (private placements). I would be pleased to be part of the Legal Line team. I found you on Google.

Caroline Jageman
Tower Law Professional Corporation

We have established ourselves as leaders in the field of family law over the past 20 years. Family law remains our primary focus today. Our team of lawyers is dedicated to ensuring that our clients get only the best in advice, counsel and representation.

Anita Kain, LL.B.
Kain & Ball Professional Corporation Family Law

I initially found Legal Line through Google while doing research for law cases. I have been distributing your flyers and guides in our lobby waiting area for years. You help the lawyers and legal assistants in our firm by offering quick answers and contact information. Clients like it because it gives them easy-to-understand legal information.

Simon Ren
Legal Assistant / Law Clerk
Russell Allegra Professional Corporation, Law Office

I learned about Legal Line from my manager. Our department – the Law Society Referral Service assist members of the public in finding the right type of lawyer for a free 30 minute consultation. We would like to order 6 guides in order to assist callers by providing Legal Line resource to our callers as well. We do not need 50 guides, but there is no way to select less than 50, we just need 6 guides please and one free book. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Natalya Smyrnova
Legal Information Officer
The Law Society of Upper Canada

I would like 25 Legal Line Flyers and Guides … to distribute to clients out of displays. Helps them with basic/background legal info.

Barry Reese

I found your website with a google search.

I am unique in that I am both a professional engineer and lawyer and can help with engineering related legal issues including: Construction law and litigation / Intellectual property questions (patents, trade-marks, copyright) / Startup business questions / Professional liability issues, including for engineers, lawyers, doctors, accountants and other professionals / Environmental issues including contaminated sites, water use, permits, and air emissions.

I am also generally skilled in administrative tribunal work which covers a wide range of legal issues. Thank you for your consideration.

Mike C. Stewart, P.Eng
ATAC LAW Corporation

This office provides paralegal services. I am aware of Legal Line through the LSUC. Brochures will be available for distribution to clients and potential clients asking for legal advice that is out-of-scope and to not-for-profit agencies that refer persons to me. Legal Line allows me to ensure that these persons have a starting place to resolve their legal questions without the potential liability that could ensue from a referral to another specific legal practitioner. The majority of persons who contact me are unable to afford a lawyer and many have simple procedural questions.

Theresa Forrest
Wilkinson Forrest Paralegals

I am an Estates/Wills lawyer and am interested in providing my services,…

Tony Baker
Lutes and Baker

I found out about Legal Line while doing a Google search for lawyer referral services. I am an Ontario lawyer who offers a number of public education seminars each year for libraries, banks, churches, and other organizations in the areas of family law, wills & estates, as well as general legal advice question and answer sessions. I will distribute these pamphlets and guides to clients and attendees at these events. Legal Line will help my clients and event attendees have a better understanding of legal issues and material to read on their own time. Thank you for providing these services.

Suzanne Deliscar
Deliscar Professional Corp.

Hello, I’m looking for more information about becoming a reviewing lawyer. I look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Sweeney, Barrister & Solicitor

Received your Flyer in the 2016 Ontario Lawyer’s Phone Book.

Is it possible to be listed as a service for lawyers as we hold legal hearings at our offices, we also have several Authorized Court Transcriptionists on staff to type Ontario court transcripts.

Wendy Ponka
Commissioner of Oaths, Internationally Certified Digital Reporter
Ponka Verbatim Reporting Services

As a former practicing lawyer and retired Executive Director of the Manitoba Law Foundation, I have watched the development of public legal information systems across Canada for the past 13 years. After completing an in-depth analysis, I report that the telephone and internet system developed by Legal Line is the most sophisticated electronic retrieval method I have ever encountered. The Directors of Legal Line have spent all of the time necessary to develop a public legal information system of the best possible quality, and they have obtained the cooperation of hundreds of lawyers with the finest of reputations.

William K. Greenaway, Ph.D., LL.B.
Doctorate in Law / Consultant to the LFO
Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO)

I came to know about Legal Line through the guides I received when I ordered the government Blue Book… an excellent resource for people who are looking for a lawyer.

Stella Rahman
Executive Director, Family Counselling Centre
Bengali Family Support Services

We are funded by Legal Aid Ontario, covering areas of law not eligible for a Legal Aid Certificate. We cover Ontario Works appeals, Ontario Disability appeals, Workers Compensation issues, landlord issues, Human Rights issues, Criminal Injuries Compensation, some Consumer Debt problems (Collection Agency harassment), and occasional Small Claims Court (Seniors Disabled only). We first heard of Legal Line in the Lawyers Weekly paper. I went into the site myself and found the information to be quite informative. We have your pamphlet posted in the waiting area. Not all our clients have access to the internet, which is why I really like your 24 hour telephone recorded answers.

Kelly Haggar
Administrative Assistant
Niagara North Community Legal Clinic

The WLA, first incorporated in 1894 with 38 lawyers, now strives to keep 540 members and articling students informed and involved in issues that affect the practice of law. I would like to request a few Legal Line pamphlets to give out to the occasional ‘self-represented’ person who finds their way into our library.

Wanda Haayen
Library Technician
Waterloo Law Association (WLA)

We are a full service firm with experience in many litigation and commercial and real estate areas of practice. My own expertise is in Civil Litigation and I am offering my services to Legal Line as a Volunteer Reviewing Lawyer.

James A. Scarfone, LL.B.
Law Firm Partner
Scarfone, Hawkins LLP

We first heard of Legal Line through a lawyer who has accessed the site to gather information in areas that are not her specialty. It is a useful service for our Legal Clinic because we are only here to provide family law advice. We will be providing the guides to clients who have questions on subjects that are unrelated.

Patricia Howe, Co-ordinator, Legal Clinic
London Family Law Information Centre

This free website and call-in service will be a helpful first step for people coming into contact with the criminal justice system. It will assist them in assessing the seriousness of charges, the nature of the offence in issue, and whether they will need a lawyer to assist them in dealing with the matter. The information provided by Legal Line should reduce some of the stress and anxiety of being involved in the court system by providing basic information to aid in understanding a difficult situation.

Steven Skurka, B.A., LL.B / Leslie Pringle, B.A., LL.B.
Certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Criminal Litigation
Skurka & Pringle Law Office

The posters are great. I have taken them with me to all my presentations and they are all gone. Please send me 500 more. Congratulations on your ongoing success. Lawyers love them !

John G. Starzynski
Volunteer Executive Director
Ontario Bar Assistance Program (OBAP)

We are a two lawyer law firm. We have a general practice. I refer clients to Legal Line. My opinion is that it is a good source of general information and it helps clients to better understand the issues in the matters that concern them, and also how Court procedures work.

George Argiris, LL.B.
Argiris & Associates

I have been practicing law in the Province of Ontario for over 41 years and for the past number of years I have confined my practice to the field of Family Law. I took the opportunity to review all of the material sent to lawyers, before making the decision to volunteer my time and become one of your ‘Reviewing Lawyers’. I must say that I was very impressed with the information provided, and I would like to volunteer my effort to such a worthy endeavour !

Michael O. Watson, B.A. LL.B.
Family Lawyer
Law Office of Michael O. Watson

I first heard of this service from a local lawyer’s office. I then became familiar with your website. I think that this is a much needed service for the public, which allows them to make more informed decisions about their LIFE. We will be using these guides primarily as a helpful guide for individuals going through separation and divorce.

Patricia Thornton
Family Mediator
Innovative Family Solutions

The KMFRC offers a myriad of services designed to promote the health and well-being of military families, from youth services to counseling. The Legal Line guide was brought to our attention by a local lawyer who volunteers with our agency. It provides a valuable resource for our families to access.

Dana Pardy
Deployment Support & Quality of Life
Kingston Military Family Resource Centre (KMFRC)

Thanks to Legal Line, Ontario now has an accessible and practical legal information source… the design of the brochure is wonderful. You put all of that information into an easily transportable form, so easy to post on a wall, or carry in a pocket or bag. For the immigrant clients who call me 24-7, often in a state of crisis with problems outside my practice area, language is a constant obstacle to surmount. With Legal Line now available in 65 languages, this is no longer a barrier. Many positive reports from referrals to Legal Line give me total confidence that my clients appreciate the valuable information that they receive, when they need it. Your growth and popularity is not a surprise to me. I am proud to have contributed as a volunteer ‘reviewing lawyer’.

Fay Fuerst, LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor
Fuerst Law Office

It was a pleasure working with you on this project. While I have only reviewed this particular area, the reference material gives solid, basic advice which, in many cases, would not be economic for the public to access directly from lawyers. By creating a more informed consumer, Legal Line will actually help to generate business for lawyers. Often times, the public is hesitant to go see a lawyer when they are uncertain as to whether they really need one. Individuals who access Legal Line will have taken an anonymous and inexpensive first step towards determining that they in fact have a legal problem and need to get legal assistance.

*** Dan is recognized as a leader in all insolvency, bankruptcy and restructuring matters including creditors’ remedies, debtors’ relief, bankruptcy, receivership, general insolvency matters, corporate restructuring and bank and insolvency related litigation. He has lectured and written extensively in his area of practice.

Daniel R. Dowdall, LL.B.
Business Lawyer
Fraser Milner, Barristers & Solicitors

Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS) was established in 1994 to provide free legal services to eligible charitable and nonprofit organizations across Canada. VLS recruits lawyers who volunteer their time to helping the nonprofit sector with their legal needs. Please add our contact info to all of your excellent services.

Janice Wiggins
Project Director
Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS)

McGuinty & McGuinty is an established law firm with over 20 years experience. We have represented thousands of homebuyers and sellers in the Ottawa area. Based on our solid record of service and our integrity, Lawyer’s Mortgage Network has chosen us to act as a registered mortgage agent. I am interested in receiving Legal Line Guides. I believe they will be very useful for our clientele.

Dylan C. McGuinty, LL.B
McGuinty & McGuinty Law Offices

Like many lawyers, I have noticed the Legal Line pamphlets in courts, libraries, clinics and government offices. It is of great benefit to the community. When I witnessed, firsthand, your sincerity and commitment to this project and came to understand the enormity of this undertaking, I was at a loss for words to express my admiration for you and Antree. When I meet people like you, I am reminded of the tremendous potential people have for improving the fabric of our society, and for bringing people together to perform acts of kindness.

Steven Benmor, LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor
Benmor Family Law Group

I am interested in volunteering as a ‘Reviewing Lawyer’ for the Legal Line Immigration section. I have just listened to, and read some of the information provided in the Immigration area, and the capsules appear to provide an excellent starting point.

Isak Grushka, B.A., LL.B.
Immigration Lawyer
Law Office of Isak Grushka

I have called into your pre-recorded telephone service, and logged on the website to review a couple of the summaries in the area in which I practice, Wills and Estates. Both services were professional and easy to follow, accurate and presented in a simple language. I would be pleased to volunteer my effort and be involved with Legal Line as a ‘reviewing lawyer’ in the area of Wills and Estates law.

Laura Kerr, LL.B.
Wills & Estates Lawyer
Fraser Milner, Barristers & Solicitors

In association with Ontario and International lawyers, we provide all legal and immigration services. We would like more flyers for our customers.

Barbara A. Lewis
Melo, Lewis Legal & Immigration Services

Congratulations. It is important for non-lawyers to have ready access to clear information that will help guide their decisions. Legal Line can help people with problems such as: recognize and identify legal issues that require research or attention; understand their legal rights in situations of potential conflict; recognize when they should call a lawyer; receive guidance to help them avoid increasing their exposure to liability when they have not retained legal counsel; receive guidance on governmental, agency or other resources that can assist in problem resolution if they do not have counsel; and, provide a path to legal resources. I am pleased to be a participant in this worthy program.

Donna S.K. Shier, LL.B.
Environmental Law
Willms & Shier Law firm

Our company works for a variety of lawyers, one of whom gave me a copy of your free poster. I must say it is one of the best, most professionally presented public service pieces I have ever seen. You have captured the essence of topics which the average person frequently wonders or asks about in their daily lives but doesn’t know where to turn for an answer. Following this guide will allow absolutely anyone and everyone to have a basic understanding of many topics, while at the same time not feeling embarrassed about needing to know such information.

Your product, in my view, will serve to create a far more informed consumer which in turn should assist in not only resolving disputes, but actually avoid problems in the first place. Congratulations for this outstanding presentation. You even have the same telephone number with and without the toll free index. Well done.

John Potter
Director of Operations
A & A Investigations

This is a useful resource for consumers and lawyers alike.

Donna Hart, Business Support Manager
TitlePLUS Home Insurance
Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LPIC)

Our firm is interested in supporting Legal Line by acting as volunteer Reviewing Lawyers. I believe that it is a very necessary service in Ontario. The reality is that many people in this province have legal problems and do not know where to begin to resolve them.

Igor Ellyn, LL.B, Q.C.
Certified Specialist, Business Law
Ellyn Law – Litigation Counsel, Mediators and Arbitrators

You spoke with my colleague at the Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) – Yusra Siddiquee. I am writing to confirm the numbers and locations to which we will distribute the Legal Line brochures by our volunteers. We can distribute up to 10,000 at many Mosques and Community Centres including: Islamic Foundation of Toronto; Scarborough Muslim Association; Salahuddin Mosque; Sunnatul Jamat; Medina Masjid; Fatih Camii Toronto; Taric Islamic Centre; Jame Mosque; Talim-ul-Islam; and Rexdale Mosque.

Naseer Syed, LL.B.
Stikeman, Graham & Keeley, Barristers & Solicitors

We operate LawHelpOntario.org. I heard about Legal Line through the Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS) through The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC). I think it is a great service. Our projects serve people who are suing or being sued in civil (non-family) court, children and youth, and charitable organizations. PBLO does NOT provide assistance with family or criminal law matters. We use Legal Line to help individuals who require legal advice and guidance with their legal matters.

Mahreen Raza, Project Director
LawHelpOntario.org (LHO)
Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO)

I am a Real Estate, as well as Wills & Estate Lawyer. I make Legal Line available to my clients.

Harry W. Zahoruk, B.Comm., LL.B.
Barrister, Solicitor and Notary
Harry W. Zahoruk Law Office

I have practised Family Law for twenty-two years. I have also hosted a year long show with radio station CKEY, which was a call-in ‘question and answer’ show. I have also participated in some ‘question & answer’ work for Tom Cherrington at CHCH Channel 11 Hamilton. Now I am offering my services to Legal Line as a reviewing lawyer… or to do anything else that I can to help such a worthy cause !

Judith Holzman, LL.B.
Family Lawyer
Judith Holzman Law Offices / Notary

I am interested in being accepted as one of your volunteer ‘Reviewing Lawyers’ in the area of Criminal Law. I recently received your poster and tried some of the Criminal Law items, as well as one of your pre-recorded items on immigration. This project interests me and I wish to become a part of it. My practice is restricted to Criminal Law. I was called to the Bar in 1985, after graduating from the University of Toronto. I have worked as a Judge’s Law Clerk, a Crown Attorney, a researcher at the Law Reform Commission of Canada and have been in private practice for the past 11 years. For the past three years I have taught at the Bar Admission Course. I also have delivered papers at a number of conferences.

Rosalind E. Conway, B.A., M.A., LL.B.
Criminal Lawyer
Law Office of Rosalind E. Conway

I enjoyed the great article in Lawyers Weekly about Legal Line.

Michael Crawford, LL.B.
Lawyer & Author

… a valuable public service, and it promotes access to lawyers.

Kelly Yerxa, LL.B.
Deputy City Solicitor and Director of Litigation at City of Brampton
City of Brampton Legal Department

One of our lawyers picked up the free legal guide and asked that I make it available in our legal clinic pamphlet rack. The Legal Line Guides will help our clients in the areas of law we do not cover.

Shannon Perks
Student Worker
Durham Community Legal Clinic

The article on Legal Line was very well received in the Lawyers Weekly. Your story is definitely worthy of a follow-up, when Legal Line goes national.

Michael Rappaport
Legal Business Editor, The Lawyers Weekly
LexisNexis Canada Inc.

I am offering to join your impressive list of volunteer ‘Reviewing Lawyers’. My Ottawa law firm services include Real Estate Law, Immigration Law, Family Law, Business Law and Patent & Trademark Law.

Priya Sankarapapa, LL.B.
Priya V. Sankarapapa Law Office

Please forward brochures of your free legal information, directory of lawyers, and Government and agency numbers.

Sam Rad
Sam Rad & Associates Legal Services

I recently received a copy of the Legal Line directory and had an opportunity to listen to many of the pre-recorded information segments offered through your service. I also read a great deal on your website. I must say I was very impressed with your service for a number of reasons. The feature I liked the best is that the information was explained in simple, easy to understand terms for the average layman, yet also dealt with issues that can become complex when examined in detail. Another important factor is the accuracy of the legal information, especially when explaining complicated matters.

Legal Line has very successfully balanced the dilemma of providing general information about specific legal issues, without providing information that is so specific to a particular person or group of persons that it has no significance for most people. I have no hesitation in recommending the Legal Line service to my clients, and in addition, I am offering my time to join your list of ‘reviewing lawyers’.

Paul Quance, B.A., LL.B.
Criminal Lawyer
Law Office of Paul Quance

My expert help is available to Legal Line User’s for Provincial Offences, Highway Traffic Act, Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act, Trespass to Property Act, and the Dangerous Goods Transportation Act.

Brian Morris
Licensed Paralegal
Lighthouse Legal Services

Please end me FREE Guides for my clients and co-workers. Legal Line is a valuable public service and it promotes access to lawyers.

Jeanne Joly, Sr. Program Support Assistant
Public Guardian & Trustee
Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG)

I received the Legal Line brochure in the mail recently with the Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LPIC) Practice Pro material. I have been practicing litigation for 12 years and I sit twice a month as a Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) judge. To say that your brochure contained a plethora of useful material would be an understatement !

Jonathan Pitblado, LL.B., Judge
Pitblado & Associates
Supreme Court of Canada (SCC)

I have tried Legal Line and the brochure, and am impressed. I would like to become a Reviewing Lawyer.

Neil Milton, LL.B.
Business & Technology Lawyers
Milton, Geller LLP

Bar-eX is a lawyer’s portal operated by Teranet Enterprises Inc. offering an integrated suite of professional products and services initially targeted to the legal community of Ontario. We believe that establishing a link from our site to your site would be in our mutual interests. Specifically, we would like to direct members of the public seeking a lawyer or legal information to your site. As such, please be advised that Bar-eX will establish a link to your site within 48 hours…

Chris Valentine
Managing Director
Bar-eX / The Lawyer’s Portal

I found out about Legal Line from the Essex County Law Association, which serves a current membership of over 600 lawyers in Windsor and Essex County. I also heard good things about you at the The Halton County Law Association (HCLA). Each Association continually endeavours to encourage, develop and manage programs for the professional education of its members, although the Law Library staff cannot provide legal advice or research assistance to the public. For this reason, I am finding your website very helpful, and I will continue to use it.

Wendy L. Maroon, LL.B.
Trusts and Estates Lawyer

Lawyer request for 100 pamphlets.

Aswani K. Datt, LL.B.
Lawyer / Barrister & Solicitor

Legal Line is an excellent publication and a valuable resource to my clients (and myself) to find the names of lawyers to refer my clients in areas of law which I do not practice. I first saw Legal Line in the Ontario Reports last year.

Janice E. Younker, LL.B.
Barrister and Solicitor
Law Firm of J. E. Younker

I wish to learn more about: Receiving a hot link from within the body of the legal answers / Becoming a Reviewing Lawyer / Appearing on the Legal Line Poster / Becoming a Sponsor.

Marketing Manager
Samfiru Tumarkin LLP

I am proud to be a reviewing lawyer for Legal Line’s Aboriginal Law section.

I work with EAGLE LAW GROUP, owned, operated and managed by First Nations for the betterment of First Nation communities. We have offices in Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon.

I specialize in Aboriginal and Treaty rights, First Nations’ land claims, administrative and environmental law, and litigation…. with experience at all levels of court, including the Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada… has also participated in landmark First Nations litigation and in matters before the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board, the National Energy Board, the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

I am a member of the Law Societies of Alberta (2004), Saskatchewan (1997) and British Columbia (2009) and have received numerous awards for academic and professional achievements including the Civil Procedure Award (College of Law), Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships (University of Saskatchewan, College of Graduate Studies) and Research Funding/Grants.

I am a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Calgary Bar Association, the Centre for International Legal Studies and the International Bar Association and has presented or moderated at various conferences and panels including the Centre for International Legal Studies… is also proud to be a Learning Group Facilitator and Evaluator for the Bar Admission Course in Alberta.

Donna Moore (Valladares), LL.B.
Eagle Law Group / First Nations

I am a lawyer and teaching in the Law Clerk Program. My students will benefit from Legal Line as a source of valuable resources in the many different areas of law that they study, as well with issues arising in their personal lives.

Nancy Bellantino, LL.B.
Lawyer / Professor, Niagara College

I work with Health Canada and I am a Member in good standing with Ontario Bar since 1984. I often refer clients to Legal Line, and I would like to become one of your volunteer Reviewing Lawyers.

Carolyn Green, B.Sc, LL.B.
Health Canada

I am writing to offer my services as a referring lawyer for Legal Line in the areas of mediation and arbitration. I lecture for several groups both in Toronto and Peel region on family law & mediation, as well as presenting at the mandatory Family Information Sessions in the Superior Court of Justice.

I am very interested in the Legal Line as an adjunct service to clients. Legal Line provides information to the parties in all matters that touch on a family dispute.

It is important that there is a place where people can obtain fundamental information that can assist them in solving legal problems and that can help them determine criteria when interviewing lawyers to represent them.

Marion F. Korn, LL.B.
Lawyer / Barrister & Solicitor

One of the components of our program is a free Family Law Information Session offered to residents of Peel. We would like to make your brochure available to participants.

Shelley Stirling-Boyes, Intake & Referral Coordinator
Peel Family Mediation and Parent Education Program
Peel Family Mediation Services

It is a pleasure to be one of your ‘Reviewing Lawyers’. I was most intrigued by your high quality Legal Line Guide and the vast number of topics it covers. In particular, I was impressed to see a section on Investments and Securities. This is my area of work. I am a lawyer and annual leader at the Ontario Bar Admission Course in the area of Estate Planning and Administration. I am also a frequent speaker for Federal Government employees through Training and Development Canada. Unlike most lawyers, I am also educated, trained and licensed in the Securities and Insurance fields.

Marshall Garnick, LL.B.
Investments and Securities Lawyer
Investment Planning Counsel of Canada

As one of the reviewing lawyers for ‘Internet Law’ which is involved with this initiative, I wish to advise you that I support the purpose of this project and believe that it will be useful in disseminating information about the legal system. I was glad to have been given the opportunity to contribute.

Alan M. Gahtan, LL.B.
Internet Lawyer
Bennett Jones Law Office

I want to express my congratulations on your very impressive and comprehensive Legal Line. I have listened to the pre-recorded information, and I have also logged on to the website. The topics I chose where presented clearly, professionally and completely. This service is invaluable to the public to obtain legal information. As well, I think that your service is an indispensable tool for lawyers to have in order to service their clients more completely and quickly. The 24-hour service and Government & Agency numbers in one handy, colourful and easy to use pamphlet is a major step towards meeting the goal of ‘Access to Justice’ along with a convenient source of referrals. Congratulations on your hard work and efforts to produce such an excellent and all-inclusive legal portfolio.

John G. Starzynski, Volunteer Executive Director
Ontario Bar Assistance Program (OBAP)

I am a lawyer who offers services in criminal law and criminal related matters. I would like to be able to hand Legal Line flyers to clients……I would like to receive 200.

Elizabeth J. Nadeau, LL.B.
Criminal Lawyer / Barrister & Solicitor

I heard of Legal Line from a lawyer that I consult with. I find this service to be very helpful and informative.

Alexia Watkins
Watkins Paralegal Services

I received a copy of Legal Line as an enclosure with my weekly copy of my lawyers edition of Ontario Reports, and also from the Law Society’s periodical publication.

I am our company’s HR Manager and a lawyer. In this capacity, I am frequently asked for personal legal advice from employees. In the interest of helping these individuals, I seek to refer them to your appropriate source of Legal Line.

Brent Dykeman, LL.B.
Lawyer / Human Resources Manager
Canadian Plastics Industry Association

I received the Legal Line Guide in a package with Canadian Lawyer. I applaud you for an excellent information guide for my clients that have questions outside my area of practice.

Joel Rosen, LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor
Immigration and Refugee Law

I am writing this letter requesting 200 Legal Line Guides to be delivered to Deborah Hastings, LL.B, Executive DIrector, or, Lavinia Inbar, LL.B, Staff Lawyer. Our clients need assistance with Landlord and Tenant, Workers’ Compensation, Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Program, Employment Insurance, Canada Pension, and Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Patti Ashbridge
Support Staff
Durham Community Legal Clinic

I wish to become a volunteer Reviewing Lawyer for Legal LIne. Currently , I provide business and immigration advise. Previously, I was with Janes Freedman Kyle Law Corporation and I did legal research, writing, and drafting correspondence in all aspects of Aboriginal law. I have observed treaty negotiations and review panel hearings. I have experience with cases involving estate planning, duty to consult, environmental and natural resource development, and land claims.

Michelle Bowlen, LL.B.
Business / Immigration Lawyer
Selkirk Law Corporation

I consider myself an expert in Small Claims ( 40% of my practice), and also the Provincial Offences Act / Highway Traffic Act (POA, HTA) ( 60% of my practice). I do like the answers on your site. It is very informative and I am directing my own clients to legal line rather than having to repeatedly explain the whole process. I am also an employee representative at W.S.I.B. hearings and appeals. I wish to join your volunteer lawyers committee if it is open to paralegals.

Ronald Rybowski
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

I wish to become a volunteer Reviewing Lawyer for Legal Line in my area of expertise. I have been a civil and commercial litigator for over 30 years.

Zev Wise, LL.B.
Civil / Commercial Lawyer
Wise and Associates

Legal Line provides sufficient legal information for users to know when the assistance of a lawyer is advisable, and directs them to the Ontario Bar and other appropriate resources for further assistance. Well done.

Alan B. Dingle
Vice President, Marketing

As a foreign qualified lawyer and current articling student, I found the information very interesting and request free guides. We are a small sized general practice Firm in downtown Toronto.

Cheryl D’souza
Korman & Company, Barristers & Solicitors

I learned about Legal Line from my 2 son’s. One of whom is a lawyer practicing with me, while the other is in law school. Corey had the pleasure of meeting with you and collecting your materials. They are extremely impressive. I specialize in Enforcement of judgments over $500,000 / Bankruptcies / Discharge hearings / Receiverships, court or private / Commercial proposals and restructurings under the BIA and CCAA / Management of collection litigation and Asset protection.

By way of credentials, I am Past Head of Section and lecturer for the Ontario Bar Admission Course on Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights and Remedies, Past Chair of both the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Section of the Canadian Bar Association, National and Ontario, council member of the Ontario Bar Association, former member of Advisory Committee to Industry Canada, a frequent lecturer, and author of books and articles on bankruptcy and insolvency law. For the purpose of enhancing the Legal Line services, my firm is qualified and happy to field questions in my area of expertise.

Frank Bennett, L.S.M., LL.M.
Bankruptcy Lawyer

You have done a fine job with both your website and especially with the Legal Line telephone access, given that I am a lawyer in a legal clinic where our clients are low-income and may not have internet access.

Stephen Bird, LL.B.
Ontario Legal Aid

As a lawyer who has confined his practice to the representation of individual employees, particularly in Union / Labour issues before the Ontario and Canada Labour Boards, I wish to complement Legal Line for the great job it does. Having had an opportunity to review Legal Line in 2 ways, by telephone, which I found to be clear, concise, prompt and efficient, and also on your website, I am confident that the public will find this legal information most helpful.

It is a great help to my practice to have a service like Legal Line, where employees can find the answers to their more basic legal questions and be directed to lawyers practising in the areas of their particular problem. Legal Line saves me time, by answering the simpler questions on Labour / Union issues. I am pleased to offer you my assistance in keeping your information up to date in the area of Union / Labour Issues.

Cyril J. Abbass, LL.B.
Lawyer / Barrister & Solicitor

I discovered you on the internet while searching for a lawyer. Your service is very informative. Our Spring Conference is coming up in April and we would like to make Legal Line flyers available to all our members.

Sean Voisin
Director of Membership
Paralegal Society of Ontario

As a Lawyer, I do a lot of solicitors work… will and estates, commercial leasing, corporate and business purchases. I just looked at the estates page on your site and it is very well organized. I was an instructor at the Law Society Bar Admission Course years ago and I am happy to share my skills and participate with Legal Line.

Howard Stern, LL.B.
Howard Stern Law Office

We are a tax lawyer firm in Québec and we wish to participate with Legal Line.

Patrick Thiffault, LL.B.
Director of Marketing
Fiscalistes.com | Avocat Fiscaliste a Montréal

… we are establishing a “Make a Will” website. I’d like to make sure there are hot links direct to legalline.ca. As a lawyer, I practice estate planning, administration and litigation for estates, trusts and adult guardianships.

Peggy Rintoul, LL.B.
Co-Chair, Canadian Bar Association of Ontario

Presently at the Family Law Information Centre in Barrie, also in Orillia, we have Legal Line Guides. However, we need 2,000 more for both offices and for the Courtroom. Our clients and staff find this service to facilitate the information and referral process. We provide court services related to separation and divorce, custody, support and access, and restraining orders. There is also a lawyer provided by Legal Aid. The Information and Referral Coordinators provide information regarding alternative dispute measures and community services.

Michele Brett, Information and Referral Coordinator
Family Law Information Centre / Family Court
Superior Court of Justice

I received your Legal flyers in the mail with the Alberta Lawyers Phonebook and I wish to link www.albertahumanrights.ab.ca to your site, receive a hot link from within the body of your legal answers, and volunteering to become a ‘Reviewing Lawyer’

Arman Chak, LL.B.
Legal Counsel
Alberta Human Rights Commission

My practice is focused on helping self-represented individuals in non-family civil matters. I also articled at an Intellectual Property firm. I am happy to become one of your volunteer ‘Reviewing Lawyers’ for all your intellectual property articles, as well, as the lawsuits and personal injury, wrongful dismissal (litigation) articles. I’m also going to include a link to Legal Line from my access to justice site.

I am proud to be one of the Founding Members of a ‘law-at-the-library’ program at the Toronto Public library. I am coordinating with many lawyers who would like to speak on a number of legal topics, such as landlord tenant, small claims, family law. I love your website and I’d be happy to distribute Legal Line flyers and posters at the many branches of public library which I frequently visit.

Heather Hui-Litwin, Ph.D. / J.D.
Barrister & Solicitor, Litigation Coach for Self-Represented Litigants

I run a 75 person law firm and my top lawyers have reviewed your LEGAL LINE content and all agree that your team of lawyers have done exceptional work.

Over the past 30 years, I have established myself as a highly respected member of the legal profession and I have gained the confidence of my client’s as an aggressive litigator specializing in plaintiff personal injury law.

Sal Grillo, B.A., LL.B.
Grillo Barristers Law Firm

I’m a lawyer called to the Bar in Ontario – I work by day as a union-side labour and human rights lawyer for a firm in Toronto but am looking for freelance work with which to supplement my income. Can you let me know whether or not there are any possibilities at Legalline.ca? Thank you.

Miriam Wallbridge

I was referred to Legal Line by a Constituent whose lawyer had referred her to it. The brochures will be displayed in our resource rack for Constituent use.

Lindsay Furlong
Executive Assistant to Anthony Rota, M.P.
Member of Parliament

As one of London Ontario’s most experienced criminal lawyers, i have represented thousands of clients charged with criminal offences – from shoplifting to murder – and has successfully defended hundreds of wrongfully accused at trial. I have read the Aboriginal and Criminal sections of Legal Line and I would like to help by becoming a Volunteer Reviewing Lawyer.

James Zegers
Zegers Law Professional Corporation

Would like 600 guides. Heard of you from a lawyer.. very useful, helpful, time saver. I verified some topics specific about my areas of practice and they were well done.

Shabbir Shaikh
Shaikh Paralegal Services

In 1997 I obtained my double Honours B.A. in psychology and criminology from York University. In 2002, I graduated with my LL.B. from Queen’s University School of Law. As a law student at Queen’s, I took part in the Correctional Law Program – representing Federal Inmates before the National Parole Board of Canada, Institutional Disciplinary Hearings and Inmate Appeals. I articled with Thomson Rogers, a civil litigation law firm in downtown Toronto and was called to the bar in 2003. Then I practiced law as a civil litigator with Rafael Partners LLP for a short while, until joining Edward Greenspan’s office as an associate criminal lawyer.

At Greenspan’s office, I worked on several high profile trials and appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal and to the Supreme Court of Canada.

I have reviewed all of your Legal Line materials and I have listened to many various topic areas. I must say, the concept is brilliant. I focused on, and was particularly impressed with the depth of information provided in your criminal law section. I confirm that I would be willing to accept calls from your Criminal Law section with the willingness to assist Legal Line callers.

Joseph Giuliana, LL.B.
Barrister & Solicitor
Grillo Barristers

I am a recent graduate from the paralegal program at Durham College. After being a self- rep at family court for almost four years, I know the difficulties people experience. For the past six months, I have been designing an app to promote access to justice for people in Ontario. I have included Legal Line as a search bar in my app to provide people with instant access to your site.

Jessica Mason
Paralegal Graduate
EZ Law App

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the Humber Paralegal Event. All of our students appreciate the value of Legal Line.

Ashleigh Scianitti
Paralegal Degree Work Study
Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, The Business School

I created paralegalcertificationscoop.com which includes valuable information about how to become a paralegal (in the US) . Legal Line is a masterpiece and I applaud you.

Erin Turner
Owner, Founder

We operate a law firm offering legal services in many areas including family, civil, criminal, estate planning, and corporate. We would like to receive another 200 free guides to be distributed to our clients.

Pat Reid
Assistant to Ronald F. Adams, LL.B.
Gordon, Adams, Leduc, Barristers & Solicitors

You have asked me to advise as to the importance of the public being able to access Legal Line easily and without cost. Given the high cost currently of legal services and the paucity of legal information available to the general public, this project is very worthwhile and should be strongly supported.

Delee A. Fromm, LL.B.
Barristers & Solicitors – Patent & Trade-Mark Agents
McCarthy Tetrault Law Firm

Legal Line provides an important service to Canadians. It is a useful tool to be used in conjunction with traditional legal services. Please send me 200 guides.

Donald A. Archi, LL.B.
Barrister Solicitor & Notary Public, Certified Mediator

I browsed through the poster and found it a very useful resource for consumers of legal services. I also visited your website and found it equally impressive. I believe that the poster will be very successful in Ottawa and I would like to receive 1,000 free editions. I will attach my business card, and distribute them free of charge to members of the community.

Bahaa I. Sunallah, B.A., LL.B
Lawyer / Barrister & Solicitor

A colleague of mine in the legal industry speaks well of Legal Line. My expert services are available to your Users.

Trevor Ford
Trevor Ford Personal Injury Lawyer, Calgary

I found your pamphlet in the attorney general’s office in Goderich Ontario and as I offer mediation services at Goderich, Walkerton and Stratford Courts as well as offer client’s locaI service information wish to display and distribute Legal Line pamphlets to each site.

Judith Denault
Family Mediator

Received info from legalline.ca … and found it interesting. The flyers and guides will be distributed to my clients doing business in Quebec, Ontario and BC.

Alain Picard
Notary and Title Attorney

We learned about Legalline through receiving a copy of your Legalline guide in the 2016-2017 copies of our Alberta Legal Telephone Directory from Thomson Reuters. We would like to place an order for the above free copies. These flyers and guides will be available for “free” distribution in the reception area of our law firm. They will be of help to those seeking information in various area of law, and those seeking to find the various government and professional services available.

Patricia Morgan
Chapman Riebeek LLP

Our organization is pleased with the services that Legal Line provides. We are a Government Office and our main objective is to enforce Orders and Agreements with child support by enforcing and making sure funds are distributed to the person owed to. I formally request guides for distribution among our colleagues.

Romano Carletti, Client Service Associate (#115)
Family Responsibility Office
Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG)

Legal line is ideal for individuals who call or visit our firm who want general information. Our firm is a full service firm with offices in Barrie and Orillia. We provide services in civil litigation, family law, criminal law, real estate, corporate-commercial law, and wills and estates. Please forward 200 Legal Line Guides to my attention.

Michelle L. Lavasseur, BA, LL.B.
Law Office of Zwicker Evans Lewis, LLP

In association with Ontario and International lawyers, we provide all legal and immigration services. We would like more flyers for our customers.

Barbara A. Lewis
Melo, Lewis Legal & Immigration Services

Congratulations to Legal Line. As an HCLA member herself, Antree has done an exemplary job. Through these free Legal Line services, Canadian residents have easy access to the laws under which they are governed, helping them to make informed decisions. I received a sample Legal Line Guide polybagged with my Ontario Reports and I was very proud to be one of her fellow Greek compatriots when I opened up the map and saw first hand how spectacular a service Antree has created.

Penny Rounis, LL.B.
Hellenic Canadian Lawyers Association (HCLA)

We are Process Servers. We provide the service of issuing, serving, and filing of court documents in all areas of the law. I was introduced to your great legal information brochure almost a year ago, and have found it to be the best collection of services that I have ever seen. I have been giving out this brochure to all my clients and always receive great feedback.

Jason Pelletier, Director of Operations
Legal Document Services of Ontario

We are requesting 200 Legal Line Guides for our law firm.

Linda Radigan, Law Clerk
Barristers & Solicitors
Campese & Wuebbolt Law Office

I am the Family Law Information Centre’s (FLIC) Coordinator at the Newmarket Unified Family Court. Please send as many Legal Line brochure as you can.

Greg Ambrozic, FLIC Coordinator
The Family Law Information Centre
Family Court Mediation Services

Please provide our law firm with additional copies of the Legal Line guides.
Thank you for your assistance herein.

Maria G. Mendes, Lawyer
Barristers & Solicitors
Foster, Townsend, Graham & Associates

I operate a Boutique family law firm with six offices throughout Ontario and we support Legal Line.

Lisa Gelman
Gelman & Associates

For more than 35 years, GSNH has helped leading businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals successfully navigate the maze of corporate & commercial law to help protect and grow their businesses. Our law firm is based in downtown Toronto and provides advice across all major practice areas. Please send Mr. David Bristow 150 copies of the free Guide.

Joanne Birnie, Assistant to David Bristow, LL.B.
Business Law, Corporate Law and Commercial Law
Goldman Sloan Nash & Haber LLP

I came across your site and particularly your page on mediation. You provide some great content and resources (thank you for including Mediate BC in your links!).

Mediate BC also has the largest publicly accessible listing of mediators in BC and some of the highest admission requirements and some programs designed to increase the accessibility of mediation to all peoples in BC. Mediate BC also created the first guidelines for the practice of Med-Arb – a hybrid process of mediation and arbitration that has its own unique ethical and procedural particularities.

There are several other programs and options for people in BC to access mediation services. I would be pleased to provide you with more information as it’s important to have this information readily available to the public.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss how Mediate BC can help support and contribute to the service you provide the public.

C.D. Saint
Sr. Communications & Project Coordinator
Mediate BC

I just reviewed your entire Landlord and Tenant Law section. it is very well done, and I am happy to have been able to participate in such an important endeavour.

By way of information, I received my Bachelors of Social Science with Honours in Criminology from the University of Ottawa in 2007. In 2009, I received a Masters Degree in Legal Studies from Carleton University, and in 2012 I graduated from the University of Ottawa Law School and articled with the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Justice, Special Prosecutions Office in St. John’s, NL. Also, in 2012 I became a Qualified Mediator and member with ADR Canada.

David J. D’Intino, M.A., J.D., Q. Med
Lawyer & Barrister, Solicitor, Qualified Mediator and Notary Public
D’Intino Legal Services and Dispute Resolution

My name is Frances and I work for mediate393, a family mediation organization that works in the family law courts in Toronto. We are a sponsor of Legal Line and we find your resources very helpful to give to clients in the Family Law Information Centres (FLICs) in the three family law courts (393 University Ave., 311 Jarvis St., and 47 Sheppard Ave. E.).

We would like to request that this order is sent to all three locations (attn: IRC, mediate393) for distribution to clients in the court and mediation clients (150 English flyers to each, etc).

Frances Maychak
Information Referral Coordinator

I am teaching a Family Mediation course at the University of Windsor and would need about 150 copies for my class. I imagine that the university will soon contact you to order thousands for mass distribution. The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-centred university, with more than 16,500 students enrolled in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs including several professional schools such as Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics and Social Work. Also, I work at Family Service Windsor and request an additional 25 copies. I would like to commend your organization for developing the Legal Line folder which offers a great deal of information clearly and concisely in an easy-to-read format. It is also a very useful poster for one’s office !

Lilian Henrikson, B.A., M.Ed.
Family Therapist / Comprehensive Family Mediator
University of Windsor

Page loaded. Thank you