Legal Line ~ Invited Guests on CTV’s ‘The Social’


Pictured with Co-host Tara Spencer-Nairn, TSN Sports Dan O’Toole, Antree and Ian from Legal Line, Correspondent Jessica Allan and Co-host Cynthia Loyst.

Legal Line was invited as special guests to ‘The Social‘ CTV Show because we sponsor Chef Jagger Gordan’s ‘FeeditForward.ca’ program.

As seen on CTV April 6, 2018

Why do Canadian’s throw away $31 billon dollars of food every year, when so many go hungry ?
Well, about 60% of this food is from restaurants, and 40% is from our own homes which sadly, is thrown in the garbage just because it might have a bruise, an imperfection, or just past a ‘best before’ date. We consumers need to understand that this is just a ‘suggested date’ that the coloring or aroma might be a little off, etc, and we get tricked into wasting it and having to buy more, which makes manufacturers happy and more profitable.




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