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We discovered Legal Line when we were trying to find advise for clients with issues outside of the Clinic mandate, as well as for those who do not qualify for Legal Aid. We tend to get a lot of walk-in traffic so we will have your brochures available in our reception area for people to use in their search for the answers they are looking for. Legal Line is a fantastic asset for those who need advice but do not have easy access to legal advice, lawyers or Courts due to our geographic distance from these services.

Yvonne Treffers
Community Legal Worker
Northwest Community Legal Clinic

I received mail at the legal aid office in North Vancouver courthouse
Flyers that were sent to us in mail will be displayed in our racks in office. I’ve also liked your page via facebook – can you return the favour?
The book plus flyers will assist client in plain language – no fancy legal lingo. This is the first I have heard of Legal Line and will get back to you on how else this will assist our clients.

Denise, Legal Aid Intake Assistant
North Vancouver Legal Aid

We are currently replenishing our resources. We have a waiting area where we place all of our resources for our clients. Legalline is another option for our clients if we can’t help them.

Monika Ryl-Stengele
Legal Aid Worker
Legal Aid, Napanee

We are funded by Legal Aid Ontario, covering areas of law not eligible for a Legal Aid Certificate. We cover Ontario Works appeals, Ontario Disability appeals, Workers Compensation issues, landlord issues, Human Rights issues, Criminal Injuries Compensation, some Consumer Debt problems (Collection Agency harassment), and occasional Small Claims Court (Seniors Disabled only). We first heard of Legal Line in the Lawyers Weekly paper. I went into the site myself and found the information to be quite informative. We have your pamphlet posted in the waiting area. Not all our clients have access to the internet, which is why I really like your 24 hour telephone recorded answers.

Kelly Haggar
Administrative Assistant
Niagara North Community Legal Clinic

Please send 600 FREE Legal Line Guides to distribute through our busy legal clinic.

Maria Rodrigues
Downsview Community Legal Services

We are a Community Legal Clinic, funded by Legal Aid Ontario, and we provide services to the population of Chatham-Kent municipal area. We kindly request an additional 1,000 pamphlets for this office.

Kenneth J. Brooks
Legal Assistance Kent
Community Legal Clinic

Would your group please send our Regina office 500 of your pamphlets. We would like to hand them out to persons inquiring about legal services that we do not handle. Your website is very well done.

Legal Aid Saskatchewan, Regina

We operate a Legal Aid office and we need more Legal Line flyers.

Sharon Fair, Support Staff
Hamilton Mountain Legal & Community Services

We are funded by the Ontario Legal Aid Plan. We provide a resource and pamphlet centre for our clients and the general public and we are extremely interested in obtaining a large supply of Legal Line.

Donna Mappin
Administrative Assistant
West Scarborough Community Legal Services

I am writing from Legal Aid Manitoba in Dauphin. Your Legal Line resource material is great. We received two copies and are requesting more. It is possible to send us the maximum amount that we are allowed ? Thank you very much for providing such a quality service.

Nola Kosteinyk
Legal Aid Manitoba

‘Kinna-aweya’ is the Ojibway word meaning ‘everyone’. Our community legal clinic is an independent organization with an all-Aboriginal Board of Directors and we are funded by Legal Aid Ontario. We run a busy legal clinic. This is like homework. I was sent an information package from Pardons Canada. Your complete resources will help our office to refer to Legal Line, in order to offer more specific referrals. We will distribute your flyers to our clients, as well as the public.

Renee Belisle
Kinna Aweya Legal Clinic

We are a legal clinic funded through Legal Aid Ontario. We provide legal advice and representation. We would like to receive Legal Line Guides to distribute at our clinic.

Ann Reynolds, Office Manager
Hamilton Mountain Legal & Community Services

I first came to know of the Legal Line Guide when I joined Legal Aid Ontario. The service of these guides is great – we hand them out all day long.

Sylvie Brock, Office Manager
Sioux Lookout, Legal Aid Ontario

We have been using Legal Line brochures since the year 1999, and would like to continue. We find this information helpful for clients with issues that Legal Aid does not cover. We would like 1,000 additional pamphlets.

Julie Forsyth
Acting Area Office Administrator
Legal Aid Ontario

We received your August 2016 mailing. Please note that we moved in late May 2016, and our current address is listed above. HALCO – HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario is a registered charity that provides free legal services to people living with HIV in Ontario. We are also active in public legal education, community development and law reform initiatives. Thank you. If you have any questions or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Jill McNall,
Community Legal Worker / Licensed Paralegal
HALCO – HIV & AIDS Legal Clinic Ontario

We are a community legal clinic with a main office and five (5) satellite offices. These brochures would be most helpful to us at each of these offices. Please ship us 5,000 “map-like” brochures.

Rachael Howes
Community Legal Worker
Simcoe Legal Services Clinic

Requesting 300 of your pamphlets for our community legal clinic.

D. Booth, Office Manager
Chatham-Kent Legal Clinic

We are a community legal clinic and find the information contained on your Legal Line posters very useful. Not only do we represent individuals, but we also do public legal education and community development. Also, these pamphlets will be taken to the various agencies we deal with for when staff members go out to speak.

Merle Abrahamse
Scarborough Community Legal Services

Please send us 500 posters for our legal clinic. They are very well done.

Andrew Bolter M.A., LL.B.
Lawyer / Executive DIrector
Community Legal Assistance Sarnia

We first heard of Legal Line through a lawyer who has accessed the site to gather information in areas that are not her specialty. It is a useful service for our Legal Clinic because we are only here to provide family law advice. We will be providing the guides to clients who have questions on subjects that are unrelated.

Patricia Howe, Co-ordinator
London Family Law Information Centre / Legal Clinic

We are the student legal clinic for the University of Ottawa Faculty of Common Law. We were sent some information on Legal Line from Pardons Canada. The information in the Legal Line Guides will be of great benefit to our clients, who would otherwise not get answers to questions that they have in areas of law that are not covered by us, or other legal clinics in the Ottawa area.

Phlilip Zachariah
CLE Division
University of Ottawa Community Legal Clinic (UOCLC)

Please send us FREE Guides for our busy legal clinic.

Salome Costa
Kensington Bellwoods Community Legal Services

We are a free legal clinic… we offer information and referral services to professionals and social service organizations, workshops, support groups, a library and a resource centre. I have a very old, tattered brochure from Fall 2000..please send 200 more.

Barbara Kilbourn
Executive Director
New Directions Legal Clinic

We would like 25 Legal Line Guides and Flyers.

Pro Bono Law Saskatchewan

One of our lawyers picked up the free legal guide and asked that I make it available in our legal clinic pamphlet rack. The Legal Line Guides will help our clients in the areas of law we do not cover.

Shannon Perks
Student Worker
Durham Community Legal Clinic

Thank you for sending me the package. Our legal clinic is busy. Could you send me about 10 times more ?

Norma Patenaude, Intake Co-ordinator
Legal Aid Ontario / McQuesten Legal & Community Services

You have done a fine job with both your website and especially with the Legal Line telephone access, given that I am a lawyer in a legal clinic where our clients are low-income and may not have internet access.

Stephen Bird, LL.B.
Ontario Legal Aid

We would like 300 of your Legal Line posters sent to our legal clinic. They are very helpful and extremely well thought out.

Diana Wilker
Office Manager
Huron / Perth Community Legal Clinic

I first heard of Legal Line from another clinic. We had your pamphlets before. Now we need more. Our office manager thinks 400 should suffice.

Leehe Lev
Community Legal Services, East Toronto

My name is Rob Valentini and I am the new Summer School-Year Program Coordinator for Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC) at Western University Law School for 2018-2019. We provide highly-motivated and well-trained law student volunteers, who are committed to providing free legal services and to assisting organizations with their law-related projects. We are eager to support your organization and to find you students whose interests and experience match your organization’s goals.

I know that many students would be excited to have the opportunity to volunteer with Legal Line and we are very interested in working with you to establish legal projects, which may include some sort of research project conducted by a student(s) at Western Law.

Robert Valentini
Program Coordinator – Western University Chapter
Pro Bono Students Canada

Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS) was established in 1994 to provide free legal services to eligible charitable and nonprofit organizations across Canada. VLS recruits lawyers who volunteer their time to helping the nonprofit sector with their legal needs. Please add our contact info to all of your excellent services.

Janice Wiggins
Project Director
Volunteer Lawyers Service (VLS)

Our Director of Legal Services, David Balderston, has asked that I order 200 flyers. We make a substantial amount of referrals to various agencies for advice in areas that we do not deal with, like Family Law.

Jill Hewgill
Support Services
Algoma Community Legal Clinic

Legal Line shipped a package to the organization advertising their services. We will distribute the flyers on our flyer stand in the waiting room for clients to view and take as needed. Legal Line helps our organization because as we are funded by Legal Aid we do not cover every area of law, this gives us an immediate access to a potential referral for clients to get quick answers.

Heather Davies
Legal Assistant
Halton Community Legal Services

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