Andreas Levine invited to Visit Toronto Police ~ Dog Services

Andreas Levine gets suited up to play a suspect being subdued when Legal Line visited Toronto Police Dog Services (PDS) on July 30, 2019.

Legal Line was lucky enough to get a special tour and demonstration of police dog training.




We had an amazing time!

Training Sergeant Jon Rose (#99548), Toronto Police Dog Services, Special Emergency Response Command and Police Constable Justin Yelle (#9892), Dog Handler gave us a special tour of the facilities. We were also treated to our own private demonstration of police dogs Phantom and Sydney searching for and retrieving stolen goods and locating hidden contraband.

Below is more pics of Dre Levine playing a subject being subdued.

IMG_8392  IMG_8396

Police dog attacks Andreas’ arm with such intense force that even though the police issued protective body suit, his arm was bruised for a week !


There are currently 31 trained dogs, 20 handlers, and 3 trainers at PDS. The dogs are taught:

  • Obedience,
  • Agility,
  • Tracking,
  • Property/Evidence Searches,
  • Area Searches,
  • Building Searches,
  • Handler Protection, and
  • Criminal Apprehension



With us was Criminal Lawyer Calvin Barry. Calvin has over 30 years experience in Criminal Law along with an extensive background defending charges related to drinking and driving.




The unit sometimes gets called out multiple times a day. PDS has been responsible for “hundreds of arrests and the laying of hundreds of criminal charges…. and have located thousands of dollars of property and pieces of crucial evidence including numerous firearms  and other dangerous weapons”.




A special thank you goes to Sgt. Rose and Police Constable Yelle (9892) at PDS, Sergeant Steve Pipe, Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit, Toronto Police, and ALL the brave and incredible dogs, their handlers, trainers, and everyone at Toronto Police Service for doing such an amazing job protecting all the citizens of Toronto (and beyond)…


IMG_2099 IMG_2105


Happy 30th Anniversary PDS!



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