Pardons Canada Funds the Launch of Legal Line in 1993

Veteran Journalist Ellen Roseman commends the work of Pardons Canada in helping people with cannabis charges to clear their records.


Ellen Roseman advises travellers to get help from Pardons Canada before crossing the border with a criminal record.


Ian Levine, former Outreach Director for Pardons Canada, gives an intensive seminar to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) highlighting the types of criminal records, and how to properly analyze and interpret local police and RCMP reports.


Former Toronto Chief of Police, Julian Fantino (2000–2005), presents Pardons Canada with a heartfelt letter of appreciation for  promoting Positive Behaviour in the Community. He gives a special thank you to Ian Levine for the numerous educational seminars conducted for Toronto police officers.

criminal records book

Dr. Antree Demakos, Chief Information officer of Legal Line, and former General Counsel for Pardons Canada, writes the definitive 300-page book  Canadian Criminal Records and How to Start Fresh. Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair acknowledges the importance of having this reference book available to police services as well as the general public.


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Antree shares an informative talk with Former Toronto Chief of Police, Mark Saunders, at the annual 2018 Chief of Police Dinner.

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