Zenith Award Winner 2016 ~ Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Every year, the TOP 50 lawyers out of Canada’s 120,000 lawyers are recognized for their outstanding achievements and awarded the coveted LEXPERT Zenith Award.

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2016 Award ~ ‘Diversity & Inclusion’

Congratulations to our Founder and Chief Information Officer, Antree Demakos for winning 2 years in a row, an honour which has never been granted before.

This years award is celebrating Canadian lawyers’ contributions in achieving ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ in society, and in the legal profession.

Deirdre Stanley Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Board Secretary, Thomson Reuters, was the keynote speaker.


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As a special honour, and for helping millions of Canadians, Legal Line flyers and guides were singled out as the only materials distributed to the 600 VIP guests in attendance at the Gala Dinner and Award Presentation including members from:

The Law Society of Ontario

Legal Aid Ontario (LAO)

Ministry of The Attorney General (MAG)

Ontario Paralegal Association (OPA)

Law Foundation of Ontario (LFO)

Pro Bono Law Ontario (PBLO)

Pro Bono Students Canada (PBSC)

Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN)

The Law Commission of Ontario

Jean Cumming, Editor-in-chief for LEXPERT, The Business Magazine For Lawyers says, “this years award is for actions worth celebrating. Individuals who have broken barriers themselves, and then moved on to challenge the status quo for others: law firms and organizations that have concretized their ambitions with measurable benchmarks boldly leading the change.”

This award has taken on new significance as The Law Society of Ontario has recently added a new Equity, Diversity and Inclusion requirement for all of it’s licensed members, whether they are currently practising law or providing legal services.

In particular, the Society requires that individuals “adopt and abide by a Statement of Principles that acknowledges their obligation to promote equality, diversity and inclusion generally, and in their behavior towards colleagues, employees, clients and the public”.

The 2016 Lexpert Zenith Award speaks directly to this initiative. For the full story see The Globe and Mail Report on Business dated June 21/2016.


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