United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals


Since 2020, Legal Line has been a proud participant of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) action campaign. We have created specific objectives and systems to meet the Canadian public’s need for access to justice today and in the future.

Our social and economic sustainability objectives are:

  1. Maintain our services and materials as a Free Public Service;
  2. Expand and enhance the legal services we currently provide;
  3. Provide our Users with access to professional services on their exact issue;
  4. Enable the providers of relevant professional services to connect with our Users; and
  5. Continue to expand our partnership with the legal industry, government, agencies, professionals, corporations and community offices across Canada.

As of last year, advertising and sponsorship became available on Legal Line. This outsourced-funding model will allow us to achieve our sustainable development goals without diverting government funds from other vital services, and without charging the public.

Having achieved our sustainability objectives, Legal Line is now poised for ‘Recognition of excellence in Public Service’ by the UN Public Service Awards Committee.

Antree Demakos

Dr. Antree Demakos, BA, LL.B, JD, Notary, Author
Chief Information Officer, Legal Line


The strongest healing powers in our world are LOVE and JUSTICE
(Dr. Antree C. Demakos)


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