Data Protection Agreement

If the Advertiser is receiving our “ASK an Expert” leads from the Legal Line Website, the Advertiser agrees to the following:

1.  Advertiser Privacy Policy

a.  The Advertiser guarantees and warrants that they are in compliance with privacy laws and that they have a privacy policy in compliance with Canadian federal laws and applicable provincial legislation.

b.  The Advertiser guarantees and warrants that they have had no prior privacy complaints or data breaches.

c.  The Advertiser agrees to protect the privacy and personal information of Legal Line Users, who have submitted “ASK an Expert” forms on the Legal Line Website, which forms are transferred to the Advertiser.


2.  Type and Nature of Personal Information

a.  Legal Line is transferring “ASK an Expert” forms, completed and submitted by Users from its Website.

b.  The “ASK an Expert” forms that are being transferred to the Advertiser are submitted to Legal Line from the Area of Law in which the Advertiser is an expert.

c.  Legal Line is not altering, adding or deleting any of the information provided by the User.

d.  The personal information supplied by users includes:

  • Name (not necessarily legal name)
  • Email address
  • Country and province of residence
  • The User’s question,

and may include:

  • The User’s telephone number, and
  • List of issues that the user checked from the available list on the form, and which the User believes applies to their situation.


3.  Ownership of the Personal Information

The personal information supplied by Legal Line Website Users on the “ASK an Expert” forms remains the property of the Users.


4.  Use of Personal Information

a.  The Users authorize Legal Line to forward their completed forms to an expert in order that the expert may provide advice and assistance with their issue. The Advertiser agrees to use the personal information for this stated purpose only.

b.  Should the User not wish to engage the services of the Advertiser, the Advertiser agrees to:

  • refrain from using the information in any capacity, and agrees to
  • securely destroy the personal information.

c.  Should the User engage the services of the Advertiser, and the personal information provided to Legal Line forms part of the User’s file with the Advertiser, then retention and use of the personal information for the purposes established by the Advertiser’s direct agreement with the User, and protection of the personal information becomes the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.

d.  Advertiser agrees to restrict access to the personal information and not to disclose it to anyone. Exceptions to this non-disclosure clause are only permitted where required by law. In such cases, the Advertiser will immediately notify Legal Line of the disclosure request.

e.  Advertiser agrees to keep the personal information confidential.

f.  In the case of a conflict of interest, the Advertiser will send back the personal information to Legal Line and explain that they have a conflict of interest and cannot help the individual.

g.  If upon reviewing the completed form the Advertiser determines that they cannot help the User, for any reason whatsoever, the Advertiser is not required to respond to the User. In such cases, the Advertiser must securely delete and destroy all electronic copies of the email and destroy any physical copies of the User’s request and personal information that may have been created.

h.  The Advertiser is permitted to further transfer the completed ASK an Expert forms, which include the User’s personal information, to a third party, provided that:

  • the Advertiser has done their due diligence to ensure that the third party meets all of the standards of this Agreement
  • the third party is bound to the Advertiser under the same or similar, terms and conditions of this Agreement, and
  • the Advertiser undertakes to ensure that the third party meets the ‘Advertiser Credentials’ and the ‘Data Protection Terms and Conditions’ found in this Agreement.


5.  Secure Storage of Personal Information

The Advertiser shall store the personal information securely, and within reasonable standards of the legal industry, including a secure physical facility, password protected electronic storage, and firewalls.

6.  Consequences of Breaching this Agreement

a. If the Advertiser breaches any privacy laws, which affect this Agreement, the personal information transferred to the Advertiser, and/or any terms of this Data Protection Agreement, the Advertiser shall be responsible for all liabilities arising out of such a breach, and shall defend, indemnify, reimburse and hold harmless Legal Line, LLC and any and all of their directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, subcontractors, service providers and its insurers against all actions, claims, demands, losses, damages, statutory penalties, expenses and costs (including legal costs and disbursements), in respect of the Advertiser’s breach of this Agreement, or its negligence, acts, omissions, or willful misconduct.

b. Notification of Breach. The Advertiser shall immediately notify Legal Line should the Advertiser become aware of a breach of any of its obligations under this Agreement.

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