Canadian Bankers Association

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The Canadian Bankers Association, or the CBA as it is more commonly known, is a professional industry association whose members are the chartered banks of Canada. Established in 1891, the CBA is the main representative body for banks in Canada and today represents approximately 60 domestic and foreign-chartered banks in Canada. The Canadian Bankers Association provides its members with information, research, advocacy and operations support services, and contributes to the development of public policy on issues affecting financial services. The CBA also provides information to the public on industry and financial issues.

The mission of the Association is to be a leading contributor in the development of public policy in the financial services sector. Through a wide range of activities including consultations, reports, submissions, speeches, publications and fact sheets, the CBA helps promote an understanding of the banking industry to the Canadian public, all levels of governments, international bodies, interest groups and the media. The Association also provides a forum for dialogue between these groups and the banks.

Educational programs are offered to bank staff and other financial services professionals through The Institute of Canadian Bankers (ICB). The CBA offers various publications which report on banking trends and developments as well as topical industry issues.

Both nationally and internationally, the Association actively co-operates with other organizations in developing industry standards and conventions to enhance the efficiency and soundness of the financial system.

The CBA accomplishes its goals through the co-operative efforts of bankers and professional staff working to develop industry positions under the direction of the Association’s Executive Council, which functions as its board of directors. Many committees and working groups deal with bank-wide issues that include human resources, independent business, agriculture, securities legislation, interbank operations, and risk management.

Operating from its head office in Toronto, the CBA also has regional offices in Montreal and Ottawa. For more information on the Canadian Bankers Association, visit their website at cba.ca.


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