Estate Bonds

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What is an Estate Bond?

An Estate Bond is also known as a Fiduciary or Probate Bond. The Court often requires an executor of a deceased person’s Estate (also known as an Administrator, Personal Representative, or Estate Trustee, depending on the province) to post an Estate Bond. This requirement is sometimes necessary as a means to protect the beneficiaries (including minors) and creditors in the event of improper administration of the estate assets of a deceased person, or an incompetent person.  These duties may include:

  • filing tax returns,
  • liquidating assets,
  • providing financial recommendations, and so on.

The bond states that if the executor fails to perform the duties as agreed then he or she would be liable to pay the entire bond amount.

When is an Estate Bond needed?

An Estate Bond is usually required:

  • where an executor appointed in a Will resides out of province,
  • where there is no Will, or
  • where an alternate executor is applying to the Court for appointment as executor.

The bond application is always completed in the city/province/country where the duties are to be carried out and applications are examined by a judge to confirm if all conditions have been satisfied.

Types of Estate Bonds

There are a number of different types of Estate Bonds. The most common are:

Administration Bonds

Administration Bonds are required when there is no Will or a Will cannot be located. The purpose of an Administration Bond is to protect the creditors and lawful heirs of the estate. Different types of Administration Bonds exist depending on the situation, such as when beneficiaries include minor children.

Guardianship Bonds

Guardianship Bonds are required by the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee or the Court to ensure that an individual assigned to serve as a guardian will perform his or her obligations as required by law.

Foreign Executor Bonds

This type of Estate Bond is required when the executor named in the Will resides outside the province or Canada.

Trustee in Bankruptcy Bonds

These types of Estate Bonds are required by the Court appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy to guarantee that the trustee complies with the Bankruptcy Act.

Executor Bonds

Executor Bonds are mandated by the Court in order to provide assurance that the the executor of an estate appropriately handles and distributes, the assets of the incompetent or deceased person whom they are duty-bound to act on behalf of.

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