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Premise liability insurance

Region: Ontario Answer # 2712

Premise liability insurance protects property owners from liability for damage or injury that occurs on areas of their property that are not under the care, custody and control of the contractor. If a slip and fall occurs, the claim may not be covered by the contractor’s insurance and the property owner would be liable. Premise liability insurance can be purchased separately or may be included as part of the property owner’s home insurance policy. Before beginning construction, property owners should ensure that both they and the general contractor have the right type and amount of insurance coverage, including:

If you are a contractor, for more information about contractor liability insurance, or to purchase a policy, contact a licensed insurance broker.

Get help from a life insurance advisor

Understanding life insurance and what is best for you can be overwhelming. It is important to get professional advice for your unique situation, and it is more affordable than you think. Life insurance can protect your family, your home and your business. For a free consultation and quote, contact an Empire Life Insurance advisor.


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