Ontario Bar Association (OBA)

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The Ontario Bar Association is an association of lawyers, judges and law students in Ontario. Its purpose is to advance the interests of its diverse membership and to promote the essential role of the legal profession in our society.

The Ontario Bar Association is the Ontario branch of the Canadian Bar Association, an organization of lawyers formed to provide support by the profession to the profession to better service its members and the public. This is accomplished by both education and representation to government on topics of current concern.

The Ontario Bar Association is the only voluntary association in Ontario to which a practising lawyer, non-practising lawyer, law student or judge can belong whose objectives are broad enough to fill every need of the Bench and Bar. It is also the only organization in a position to represent a lawyer, if necessary, in an adversary posture in negotiations or confrontations with either federal or provincial governments. The Ontario Bar Association has the freedom and flexibility to address the interests of the legal profession in any situation, regardless of how, when or where it is involved.

Along with other semi-autonomous provincial branches of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ontario Bar Association communicates directly with the national organization, and has an effective voice in representing lawyers on behalf of the public interest and communicating their concerns in those areas of the provincial legislatures, as well as to committees, ministries and other officials.

The Ontario Bar Association provides lawyers with opportunities to become more efficient and effective, to further their professional education and to keep abreast of current developments within the profession, nationally and provincially.

The Canadian Bar Association has been in existence since 1896 and was incorporated in 1921, while the Ontario branch has been in existence since 1907 and was incorporated in 1985.

For more information about the Ontario Bar Association or to become a member, visit oba.org.



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