The Advocates' Society

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The Advocates’ Society is an association of lawyers throughout Ontario who practise as advocates in the resolution of disputes involving the courts, administrative tribunals, government bodies, arbitrations and other forums for dispute resolution.

The Advocates’ Society was established in November 1963, fulfilling the hopes of the founders for an organization that would support the needs and interests of counsel. This small founding group, led by T.N. Phelan and Isadore Levinter, began the process of setting up an organization that would act as a forum for meetings, discussions and fellowship among barristers.

The first meeting was held in May of 1965, when John Robinette assumed the presidency over a membership of 63 advocates. Since that time, The Advocates’ Society has evolved into a diverse, accomplished professional association of over 5,200 members, which is recognized throughout the legal profession for its success in advocacy education and legal reform.

The Society’s five principal objectives are:

  1. To teach the skills and ethics of advocacy through a comprehensive program of seminars, conferences, conventions and workshops; and to promote ethical and professional practice standards for advocates.
  2. To speak out on behalf of advocates through the Society’s committees and board of directors.
  3. To protect the right to representation by an independent bar, by playing a role in shaping the community of justice and preserving and maintaining the rights of its advocates and those of the public.
  4. To initiate appropriate reforms to the legal system by regularly submitting papers and briefs to present their view, and by meeting with many levels and branches of the government on a variety of matters ranging from the delay of trial in court cases to the protection of the rights of infants.
  5. To promote fellowship among its members, by acting as a forum for counsel to exchange ideas, share problems and enjoy the company of those with similar interests. This is done through conferences, international trips, and lunches at its headquarters, Campbell House.

For more information about The Advocates’ Society, visit  advocates.ca.

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