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The Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company, referred to as LAWPRO, is an insurance company providing lawyers with professional liability insurance in Ontario, and title insurance (TitlePLUS®) across Canada. LAWPRO is headquartered in Toronto.

LAWPRO was organized and incorporated in 1990 by the Law Society of Ontario to provide professional liability insurance to Law Society members. It operated under the control and direction of the Law Society’s Finance and Insurance Committee for its first four years.

Since 1995, LAWPRO has operated as an independent, fully operational insurance company with its own management structure and its own board of directors, separate and apart from the Law Society.

LAWPRO’s insurance policy provides coverage for lawyers for liability resulting from errors, omissions or negligent acts in the performance of or the failure to perform professional services.

LAWPRO’s operations are governed by the Ontario Insurance Act, the Ontario Corporations Act, and other applicable legislation. For more information, visit their website at lawpro.ca.

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