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In Canada, there are a growing number of legal research businesses providing services to private legal practitioners, law firms and in-house corporate legal counsel. Outsourcing this function offers significant cost-efficiencies and focused expertise in answering specific legal questions dealing with case law or legislation.

By outsourcing this work, lawyers can focus on core competencies, such as creating litigation strategies or drafting documents. Research services also allow lawyers and law firms to reduce their staffing requirements and overhead costs.

Legal researchers make extensive use of legal databases containing thousands of court and other tribunal decisions, such as those compiled by LexisNexis and WestlawNext Canada. Typically, researchers provide results that conform to court requirements for case or statutory citations. Researchers may also use other electronic data resources, such as SEDAR, EDGAR and other financial or securities market databases.

Legal research firms can often provide quick turnaround of information (sometimes within 24 hours) and may operate around the clock by outsourcing tasks to researchers in other time zones.


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