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What does Teranet do?

Teranet provides online property search and registration in Ontario. The company developed, owns and operates Ontario’s Electronic Land Registration System (ELRS) and facilitates the delivery of electronic land registration services on behalf of the province. The ELRS is how the ownership of real property and interests on title are searched, recorded and transferred. Specifically, it enables customers to perform searches, submit title documents for registration and perform many other functions.

Teranet also maintains online access to Ontario’s Writs System, which enables customers to perform electronic Writs searches. The Writs System manages and maintains data relating to writs of execution issued and filed under various federal and provincial (Ontario) statutes.

Currently, Teranet has automated approximately 7.5 million parcels, representing more than 99.9% of Ontario’s parcel base. A parcel is a collection of digital mapping data related to ownership, assessment and Crown parcels of land.

Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services and Ministry of the Attorney General deal exclusively with Teranet.


Who uses Teranet’s services?

Teranet provides secure and reliable electronic services to a network of many individuals and organizations, including:

  • lawyers
  • paralegals
  • real estate brokers and agents
  • search houses
  • title insurers
  • financial institutions
  • governments
  • police services
  • utilities
  • investigators
  • appraisers

For more information on Teranet and the services it provides, visit teranet.ca.

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