What information does a process server need to deliver documents to someone?

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The easiest way a process server can locate someone they are hired to serve documents to is if they know as many details regarding the identity of the person as possible.

This includes:

  • a first and last name (or name of company)
  • a last known residential (or business) address
  • last known phone number, email
  • date of birth or approximate age
  • a Social Insurance Number (if applicable)
  • current or last know employment
  • license plate number
  • information on spouses, parents, other relatives, friends, business associates
  • daily routine
  • any criminal history, etc.

What if the process server is not given any information?

If there is no information readily available to locate the person being served, process servers have other means of locating individuals, such as skip tracing, and using private investigators. View topic 3011 How does a process server find someone for more information.

Does the process server need to know when someone will be home?

It is not absolutely necessary for a process server to know when someone is home. If that information is not available, they will make a number of attempts to serve the respondent at various times during the day. They may also talk to neighbors who may be able to provide information such as when they know the other person is usually home.



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